IKEA is perfect if you live in BizzaroWorld

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IKEA is perfect if you live in BizzaroWorld.

It is great if you love IKEA but I have had nothing but problems with it. I once bought a wooden bedframe that lasted less than two weeks before it broke. It wasn’t the cheapest either and when I contacted IKEA about it they gave me half of my money back as compensation.

I had a friend who bought an IKEA couch and it was so hard that it hurt you to sit on it. In just a few minutes your muscles were sore and hurting. No amount of pillows fixed the issue either. Very frustrating and it wasn’t a cheap couch either. It was $1600!

So I realized that IKEA is a BizzaroWorld design because the hard thing (bedframe) that should have been hard was soft. The soft thing (couch) which should have been soft was hard. My friend donated the couch to a poor family because we both get injured by sitting on it, and it took a lot of space in their apartment.

Now this post isn’t to complain but rather to say that some items just don’t fit their intended purpose. Money has nothing to do with quality. I learned that from buying luxury cars. I loved my cheap car but when I bought its luxury big brother it was nothing but disappointment and heartache. I will never buy that brand again, and I learned a big lesson about luxury not being reliable.

To me in life the biggest luxury is being reliable and fit for purpose. Many times I have been able to buy a cheaper item and it worked just fine. When I have sometimes been curious and bought expensive items, almost always I have regretted it. Very few items have brought me true pleasure in life. The top 5 items that have bought me pleasure have been: purple mattress, new glasses, healthy food, NMT treatments, comfy chair. I do not get paid by them, I am just a believer.

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Taking care of yourself and healing is crucial in life. That brings more pleasure than anything you can buy.