The price of curiosity is high

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The price of curiosity is high and I have paid it.

This is not to brag but just to share that satisfying your curiosity is often not worth it. This is a lesson that is slow for me to learn.

Why am I saying this? I had a bad experience with a laptop vendor who wanted to charge me $120 to send my laptop in and then let me know what it would cost to fix it. I would have also paid the shipping. For a four year old laptop it clearly wasn’t worth it, but the problem wasn’t the hardware it was the software. The OS wouldn’t boot and needed a specific disk image to boot properly. Rather than sell me the disk image like other vendors have, they wanted me to spend more money for something that wasn’t worth it.

The solution to that problem was buying a Windows 11 Pro USB and reinstallation fixed the problem. The solution they provided was more costly, complicated, time consuming and they said it was the only solution which made them liars. I will never buy from them again.

I also made the mistake of being curious about cars. I bought cars that I thought would make me happy but they didn’t. They only make me stressed out when I had to pay for expensive repairs. Now I am never going to own a car again and I won’t be caught in that trap.

The older you get in life the more you realize that most things are a trap. They sound like a fun or useful thing until you start to think about it. It is true that everything has benefits and costs, but the costs are cleverly hidden and it is not always possible to see them clearly. We all have a lack of time and energy to research every decision before we make it.

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I am not making excuses for my mistakes. I had to make my mistakes to become who I am. I am just sharing that before you want something, do your research and often you will find it won’t give you the pleasure you think it will.