Looking for a comfortable office chair?

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I have looked for a comfortable office chair all of my life. I have spoken before about different chairs I have purchased that initially were comfortable but with time had deal-breaking flaws. I think I have found the most comfortable chair the Nightengale CXO 6200D.

I do not get any benefits from sharing this. I know how frustrating it is to buy a chair and not get the promised comfort. I estimate that I have probably spent $5000 on chairs that worked for a short period and then ultimately hurt my back and I could not use them. In my office right now are 3 older chairs that I like and are comfortable for short periods, but since I can work 8-12 hours per day at the computer it is a challenge finding an all-day comfort chair.

A professional piece of advice here is from my chiropractic doctor who has treated me for back pain. She said that after twenty minutes your body starts to want to move. One of the most helpful things I have done is frequently getting up during the day. I don’t sit for long stretches in any chair. I will get a drink, do a quick errand, or try to break up my sitting time by standing and moving and being active. In this regard, the Apple Watch has been helpful. It has reminded me to keep moving if I get distracted by an important project for example. Also, you need to also stretch and go for a regular walk or your legs will get too tight and it will hurt you.

With that said, I have been using this chair and it has been wonderful. Yesterday I had the lumbar support cranked up to the maximum support and it was too much for me. Today is a more gentle setting. Lumbar support has always been the missing part for most chairs I have used. At maximum, my lower back was a bit uncomfortable after a full day but I expect it will take a few days to find the exact settings that work for me. When I say a bit uncomfortable, it was still more comfortable than any other chair I have sat in. I sometimes overdo things so I am curious what the limits of products are.

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I expect to have this chair for a long time. I am tired of spending $400 every year or two to find a new way to irritate my back. I have given chairs to friends and I’m running out of friends to give to.