Most comfortable backpack – Osprey 22 Mira

comfortable backpack screenshot

I have been using the most comfortable backpack the Osprey 22 Mira for the past 3 years and I love it.

What I love the most about this backpack is the pressure it doesn’t put on the back. With every other backpack I have used, you feel the weight pressing down on your spine and it is uncomfortable. With this you feel the weight, but it doesn’t feel pressing down on any one area of your back. In some respects it almost feels as if they weight doesn’t press down anywhere at all.

It is a unique sensation to be sure, but the comfortableness of this pack is unrivaled. I am 5’10 and while I am not the ideal dimensions for this, it is not uncomfortable in the least. The material looks brand new and the zipper has been perfect. I like the grab part of the zippers and I love the side pockets and that you can strap it in for better support. I love the fact that they have a lifetime guarantee and there are many things to like about this product.

When I bought it I researched many products that said they were comfortable. This was not the most expensive one nor the cheapest. However given its reviews I felt comfortable buying it. I am so glad I did. I use this on a weekly basis and it has never given me a reason to be disappointed.

I hear you saying there must be a downside. Hmm let me think. It might be smaller than what some people need to carry. I can get everything I need in it. This is perfect if you only need to go out for a day. If you were going for several days it probably wouldn’t be big enough for you. I would just size up to their next pack. It is not waterproof but I have taken it out in the rain/snow and bad weather and nothing inside has gotten wet. It doesn’t float so when I take the ferry its not going to survive. However that is a non issue with me. Staying alive a sinking ship is a little more of a priority than making sure my snacks survive.

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You will love Osprey if you give them a chance.