My hidden secret – NMT

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I have had a secret for about 20 years that not many people know about. Just a few close friends. Today I am ready to tell everyone what it is.

‘I need a good concealer. I’ve got a lot of emotional leakage.’

It is called NMT. I wrote about it before in the link but I am sharing this again because I see so many people who could benefit from it. It has been transformative in my life. It is a technique that allows you to improve many health conditions. I know what I say next will be hard for you to believe, and I felt the same way before I tried it. However, the proof is that it works.

What kind of proof do I have? Several doctors have said that after taking measurements after having an NMT treatment my health measurably improved. One example is a pulmonologist who said after measuring me with a device that measures my lung volume that it was greatly improved. She also said that she didn’t hear any wheezing or crackles. That was a treatment for my lungs. I had a treatment for my gums and the dentist hygenist said that I grew back the gum tissue and measured the before and after. I was so thrilled.

As important as these physical health conditions are, there is another more impactful thing that happened. I was able to address the mental and emotional barriers that kept me from being happy. I want to be very clear here. This is not psychology. She doesn’t talk to me and try to unravel my brain/thoughts, rather it works on a level that those mental/emotional issues affect.

It is NMT that I credit the clarity and happiness that I possess today. Without it, I would be confused and unhappy. While feeling physically better has been amazing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, it pales in comparison to being able to change. I have seen therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and more doctors than you can shake a stick at, but NMT had done more than all of them put together.

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No, I don’t get a benefit from sharing this, other than the knowledge that you might find greater happiness and joy than I have.