Sick in Chicago? Have you tried NMT?

I have and love it. Full disclosure. I receive no financial compensation for what I am about to say. I am simply a happy customer.

What is NMT? I think the webpage here says it best.  A short excerpt: “Neuromodulation technique is a treatment that involves tapping directly into the nervous system in order to treat allergies, autoimmune problems, digestive problems, neurological disorders or any other malady affected by the nervous system. Developed by Dr. Leslie Feinberg, NMT taps into a basic truth: your nervous system already knows what is going on in your body and is trying to correct the situation. The problem is that it’s not yet succeeding.”

I have optimized my health and well-being with this treatment. For example, I no longer suffer from any type of allergies. Yes, it does sound too good to be true, but what if this works for you? What is more reasonable? Maybe not seeing results or seeing results and being free from the cost and hassle of allergy medicine? Please contact me if you have further questions.

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