Shoprite called me back

"the Golden Influencer Variety Is Flavorless, But They Look Amazing On Instagram."

Rarely have I had companies call me back when they promise to when there is a problem. Today I was pleasantly surprised when Shoprite did so.

No this isn’t a sponsored post, just surprise and delight when a company does something right and keeps its promise. In the process of moving, I had to order some food but when it got delivered it was missing some items. It seems a regular thing when you have food delivered that some items go missing. I don’t attribute this to malice, just that delivery is an imperfect process.

"the Golden Influencer Variety Is Flavorless, But They Look Amazing On Instagram."
“The Golden Influencer variety is flavorless, but they look amazing on Instagram.”

To get credit for what I was missing I went online and tried to do a refund. It said that the local store might reach out to credit you and wait to be called. I didn’t trust that of course, so I called the store. The employee quickly refunded the missing item. Then the next day I realized I had missed two other items. They cost $1 each so I am not going to waste my time to recover $2. The next day which is today, I missed a call. When I called back the friendly Shoprite employee said that they got notified from the 800 number that I was missing an item, said the item and I explained that I had already been refunded for that. Then I mentioned that I had also missed 2 items and when I told her she gave them to me as store credit. I was surprised and delighted.

This isn’t about the money. Two dollars is not going to break me. It is more than their process worked, and I can trust it in the future. I love it when companies have processes that work. Often as a consumer, it feels like the customer experience is broken. You pay your money and take your chances as they say. It is a reason to buy from them more in the future. Plus I like their awesome selection. Do I still love Costco? Of course. The problem with Costco is that I am just not a big enough eater to save money on those bulk items. I will still buy from them, but not my primary grocery store.

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That two dollars resulted in this article, and way bigger benefit to Shoprite. Good for them.