Work for people who appreciate you

job skills comic

If you ever have the luxury to work for people who appreciate you, it isn’t a job it is a pleasure.

Companies that truly value their people are rare. At least in my experience. Part of appreciating an employee is keeping promises. Many times I was hired with the promise of one thing and then it turned into something else. Promises were made at hiring that weren’t kept, and they started off our relationship on the wrong foot.

This isn’t to complain about any one company. This is simply to share that we all have worked in companies that didn’t understand how to have good employee relationships. Many companies think that because they have snacks or ping pong tables, that is good for employees. While that is nice, people want to have a chance to grow through education, feel a sense of purpose in their lives, and feel part of the team. When that isn’t there, you don’t have teamwork you have individuals doing assignments.

job skills comic
job skills comic

When I have felt appreciated at companies I have given more than 110% than I usually do. I have done ridiculous things to help things go smoothly because I care about the success of the company. At times I have paid money for tools, increased education for me, or even consulted a consultant on my money to find a better solution. There are always better ways to do things, companies just have to be open to them.

What is the best part of working with a company that appreciates you is that it truly is a win/win situation. Everything that I take part in life is either win/win or I don’t want to be part of it. I shared earlier that I had a computer business and if a client felt unhappy with my work I gave them a full refund and apologized for wasting their time. Of the hundreds of clients I had, I had l5 who were unhappy. I feel good that when you do your best and you use the skills that you are good at, people will be happy with what you do.

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This is not to brag about me, but just to share that business isn’t about making money it is about helping others. Capitalism loses sight of that and would rather see people suffer when they don’t have to.