I got excited today because I was listening to a youtube video of Enya – Orinoco Flow and I thought I heard the record skip on an MP3 recording.

It had been years since I heard a record skip. I used to listen to records as a child and of course loved them. They were in an old cabinet record player with huge speakers. The sound would vibrate the room. Sometimes dust would get on the records and they might occasionally skip and I would clean them off and then play it again.

This is not a wish for that old technology. Records and that kind of equipment are inefficient and functionality you can have the same apparent quality with digital formats. It is just a realization that listening to an MP3 skip is unusual and for a moment, just a moment, I thought I was listening to a record.

What is in the past belongs in the past. I don’t wish for the past anymore. At one time I did, but I realize that my present is far more joyful than anything in my past. The past is security and safety for many people, but it isn’t real and I don’t wish to live there.

The point of sharing this is that we should realize that perfection is an illusion and that by celebrating imperfection makes us happy. We don’t need a beautiful and smart person to love. We only need to love someone who loves us back. We don’t need things in our life once our basic needs are meet. That is just vanity and silliness. We don’t need experiences, the experience of being alive is the greatest joy. Knowing that each day we can help others in some small way is all the reward we should need.

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I know that each day I do something kind to help someone, and every night I feel good that I made the world a better place. Celebrate and love what you have, no matter how flawed you believe it is.