Slowly transitioning away from processed foods

food allergies comic

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but just share the benefits that I have received by slowly transitioning away from processed foods.

In life, you learn that certain things just don’t work for you. I learn each day that certain foods make me feel better and other foods have made me feel worse. For example, I used to love things with sugar in them. After a while, I just stopped craving them and enjoyed eating fruits more. Now things with sugar don’t interest me at all. I would rather have some fruit instead.

Improving your diet is often just listening to your body and understanding what it is trying to tell you. When I used to eat fast food it made me feel sick. I thought that it was something that I was specifically allergic to. Therefore I tested eating different things in fast food places and eating at different fast food places. Nothing I did was any help. I always felt sick after eating fast food for as long as I remember. I thought this was normal. Then one day I just decided I had enough. I was no longer going to eat fast food and I stopped. My stomachaches stopped and I didn’t ever crave fast food again.

I shared before that I used to go to buffets with friends in the past. That made me feel sick as well. No matter the buffet or price I felt sick. No matter what I ate I felt sick. Again I thought it was allergies, but even when I only ate salad and was very careful and drank water I felt sick. I tried, tried to narrow down what was causing it. I ate different things each time. I started eating just one thing and I was still sick. Then one day I decided I had enough. It wasn’t worth saving money to feel sick.

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Now I love snacks. I LOVE snacks. They are delicious. However, they usually made my stomach hurt. This was years later after stopping fast food then I stopped buffets. I was still feeling sick sometimes after I ate snacks. I tried more natural snacks, and the more natural the snacks the less upset my stomach felt. Now I eat organic, vegan, dairy-free food and I feel great.

This is what has worked for me. To remove things in my diet that made me feel sick. Maybe this can work for you?