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2GB Verizon FIOS available – I can’t justify it

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I can’t justify buying the 2GB Verizon FIOS that is available to me.

The main reason is that I need to upgrade my computer to see the difference. According to some reviews, any 8-core or slower introduces latencies that slow the connection down. I have a 2019 16-inch MBP and with the 8 cores it would slow down anything faster than what I have.

I have wanted to get a new Mac for a long time, but I can’t justify that either. This laptop is fantastic with a wide screen and amazing sound. Would I appreciate a newer Mac? Of course. Do I need it? No.

As much as I love having new equipment I won’t get sucked into Apple’s marketing. I kept my phone until it was useless and only then bought a new one. At times it was inconvenient, but I don’t like wasting resources on things that are planned obsolescence. I have given my old non-working macs to Apple so they get recycled. I don’t want my life to cause more problems for others.

Now once I got a new laptop, I would immediately get a faster internet connection. Right now that is a luxury that I can’t imagine how it could help me make or save money. I am not feeling that 1GB is slow. In fact, it is faster than many company networks I have worked at, so I am just thrilled with its performance.

Virtual reality might need that faster bandwidth but I haven’t bought a virtual headset yet and I am not inclined to buy one. I don’t want more fantasy. I want more reality. I get plenty of fantasy just by reading online and the news.

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