Thinking of getting Verizon FIOS for home?

facebook unreliability comic

You may want to consider your options again. Verizon FIOS at home has been disappointing.

facebook unreliability comic
facebook unreliability comic

You know that I help people with IT issues. For that reason, I needed to have reliable home Internet. Knowing that all providers have problems, I have purchased two different Internet Providers. Yes this might seem like a waste to people, but since I use it for work I count it as part of my taxes.

Today I am so glad that I have done this. For the second time, Verizon FIOS isn’t working. When I called Verizon they said it might start working tomorrow. Now that might not seem like a big deal, but if my company needs me to fix something in an emergency I couldn’t do it. So that is a problem for IT people. I think for most anyone to not have internet.

I switched to my backup line which is Time Warner Cable. It is only 1/3 of the speed, but it is good enough. I switched the PS4 and I am back in business. I wouldn’t be writing this post now if I hadn’t done that. Not the end of the world I know, but frustrating when you work in IT and your home isn’t working.

Now of course I could have tried to connect my laptop to my phone. It has unlimited data. However, the iPhone is slow with LTE and there is no way I could watch Hulu like I am watching now. After having Internet for more than 20 years, you really can’t go back to not having Internet.

Time Warner Cable has been more reliable than other Internet providers I have had in the past. I didn’t like Frontier, but I did like Spectrum. Spectrum was formally called Charter Communications. One of the great things about living in NYC is the plethora of choices.

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FIOS is great when it works, but having failed twice makes me consider it twice for any use in the future.