WordPress Gateway problems with Rocket.net the dramatic conclusion

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Last week on WordPress Gateway Problems

The good news is that this didn’t happen again. I did a variety of things to fix it at Rocket.net with excellent technical support suggestions. They suggested that I disable WP Rocket and Redis plugin and try a new Browser. I also was told to disable and reenable Elementor/Elementor Pro plugins.

I promised to update you on what happened so that is why I am writing this. It probably was also caused by some DNS changes that I was simultaneously making in the background. I shared that I switched from Network Solutions to Cloudflare as my DNS registrar. What a delightful experience using Cloudflare has been. I also shared that I no longer am recommending people use GreenGeeks.

It seems that moving to Rocket.net had all sorts of problems but it was smoother than moving to other web hosting companies in the past. I moved to one web hosting company and they had a long list of WordPress plugins that weren’t allowed due to resource problems and I was using most of them. I spent a month researching and testing better plugins. Another time I moved to a web hosting company it thoroughly crashed my site and I had to disable all plugins and start testing them one by one. I admit I have a plugin problem and I am a WordPress plugin addict. I just love the easy functionality of plugins.

Is there a downside so far to moving to Rocket.net? I don’t think so. Yes, I have had challenges but I can’t blame them for that. Most of the plugins I have are free so when you consider that they are really subsiding free plugin authors. I have some paid plugins like WP Rocket which their documentation loves, and they have given great support with that. I can’t fault them for my having issues given I am using a third-party website builder like Elementor which adds complexity. You have to be conscious that what is simple to you creates complexity behind the scenes. I would have had fewer issues without using these software but they help me do my job.

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So far so good.


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