30 suggestions to Staying cool in these dangerous temps

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As we see record heat waves it makes me concerned about the well-being of those unable to afford AC. Here are the top ways that I have found to stay cool sorted by categories.


    1. Replace all incandescent bulbs with LED lights. It is incredible how much cooler a room is with LED.
    2. Use wet sheets and hang them up and the air movement will push the water into the air cooling it.
    3. Sleep on cooling surfaces like silk. This makes it very cool instead of hot cotton.
    4. Block all sources of light into your space by closing the shades. I have blackout shades and they help keep the place cool in summer and warmer in winter.
    5. Get your place colder at night when the power costs are cheaper and then use the AC less during the day.
    6. Have two AC in case one breaks down or can’t keep up.
    7. Avoid cooking if at all possible.
    8. Get rid of furniture that retains heat like a black leather couch. Replace with airy things like a hammock.
    9. Build a porch or outdoor patio so that the shading can help cool off the building.
    10. Get a water feature with a solar water pump. Having a mist is tremendously cooling.
    11. Paint your house/roof white. This can pay back in saved energy costs over the years.
    12. Consider moving to a more temperate climate. Some zones of the country are only projected to get hotter.
    13. Put your car in your garage. It uses extra energy/gas to cool down when left outside.


  1. Drink only water and avoid any other kinds of drinks.
  2. Wear the thinnest and lightest clothes available.
  3. Take cold showers.
  4. Wipe your face and neck off with a cool washcloth. This can cool you down quickly.
  5. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables which keep you cool.
  6. Get a haircut. I always feel cooler when I have less hair. Since I am bald I tend to feel cool when others are hot.
  7. Wear a light-colored hat when you go outdoors.
  8. Stay relaxed and avoid getting angry or feeling strong emotions. This will only heat you.
  9. Meditate and focus on the positive things in life.
  10. Laugh and joke with your friends and coworkers.
  11. Find ways to forgive the mistakes of others. People are stressed and feel threatened with survival.
  12. Be patient with people like delivery people who have to face the heat all of their work day.
  13. Find ways to help others deal with the stress that comes from being hot.
  14. Have several ice packs that you can reuse in the freezer and use them as needed.
  15. Play with an iPad instead of a laptop. It is cooler.
  16. Lose weight if possible. Extra weight makes it hard to stay cool. You can use NMT to help you.
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Community Resources

  1. Use public cooling spaces like malls, libraries, or other places.
  2. Pool money with neighbors and buy an AC each summer for each family who needs one. Stay at their house often.