vs which is right for you?

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Since I recently recommended both and here is the bottom line.

Pros –

  • Fastest web hosting I’ve ever encountered and I’ve tried many.
  • Great support
  • A unique combination of security, CDN, automatic image compression

Cons –

  • Might require redoing some settings on WP Rocket or caching plugin
  • Requires minimal DNS records adding. – AVOID. See this link.

Pros –

  • Second fastest web hosting with the addition of WP Rocket
  • Great support
  • Cheaper than

Cons –

  • Not as fast as
  • No CDN protection from things like DDOS attacks
  • No upgraded security that has
  • Requires minimal DNS records adding.

Now for the first time, I have become an affiliate because I believe in them so strongly. I am so impressed with the support and speed I have gotten. The technical staff instantly helped me with very complex things and their advice has been 100% correct. You don’t have to be an IT genius to have a website with these folks. I think everyone would benefit from using them.

Clicking on this link below helps me keep my lights on.

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