WordPress Gateway problems working on

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It turns out that I have WordPress Gateway problems. I had this happen once before long ago and it turned out to be plugin related. I wonder if Redis or WP Rocket is causing this?

I have disabled both of them and working with Rocket.net excellent technical support. He found the log that showed errors with Elementor code as well. He suggested deactivating and reactivating them. It is possible that just copying the code wasn’t enough and it needed to be reinitialized when running on a different web host.

Now most people don’t use web builders like Elementor so they may not run into this issue. It could also be that I made a mistake using some feature of Elementor. I will troubleshoot the issue until I find a solution.

Also, to troubleshoot the issue I am using MS Edge instead of Brave. The support rep asked me to try using another browser which is always fair to do. Not every browser supports every web technology. So far in Edge I haven’t had any problems, but if it was DNS-related it may not show up as a problem in Edge.

Moving to Rocket.net has been educational. It is possible that I have a plugin that is causing me a problem with slowness, and this is helping me diagnose it. Once you have a fast web host, the slow and buggy plugins and their problems come to the surface. I have had to change plugins in the past because their performance issues caused problems with the site.

I will keep you updated on what happens. Cross your fingers!

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