CloudFlare one of benefits offers a wealth of features

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If you are a small business and don’t have your DNS registrar at CloudFlare you are missing out.

Just in case you aren’t an IT nerd like me a DNS registrar is where you buy and own your website name at. It allows you to manage your DNS and far more. The reason I say far more is that I am exploring CloudFlares services and they are remarkable.

I used CloudFlare years ago as just a simple CDN. It is far more than that. Today I noticed on the dashboard about Zero trust and I had used this in a past position. Zero trust is a wonderful tool to help protect your workforce and incredibly they offer a free option for up to 50 people! 50!

Why would you use this? Let’s say that you want to protect your staff from malware that can happen when they connect to random wifi networks. This would enable you to do that. It offers so much more though. You need to talk to an IT person to fully appreciate how amazing this offer is. I am not trying to sell CloudFlare but companies pay a lot of money for this functionality and to bring it to the average person at the cost of free is amazing.

They also have things for security, performance, and developers. Again I am not their affiliate but the fact that you get this with a purchase of is incredible. If I had known about this earlier I would have moved sooner. I feel like a kid again getting presents on Christmas. There are so many things that I can explore here.

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I love that they are integrating the best parts of the web. I love GTMetrix but they have a tool that is just as good and in some ways better. The fix for one of the problems they said I had was simply to click on a button. It doesn’t get any easier than that. They have analytics as good as Google and in my humble opinion more understandable and better UI.

There are beta projects that you can participate in and lots of free stuff. I have found my DNS home. Remarkable! Whatever DNS registrar you have, you will save money, increase security and improve performance by switching to CloudFlare. Pay an IT person to help you and you won’t be sorry.

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