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It is remarkable but the more I dig into Cloudflare the more free and useful things that I find.

Yesterday I noticed that some of my traffic was coming from Russia. Since I don’t have any content that I thought Russians would like I looked into this. Google Analytics has a flaw where it misreports scrapers/bots as real users. One of the things that they do is hotlink to images or other resources that you have which costs you time and money.

I started to see how I could better protect myself from authorized activity and hotlinking protection came up. Guess what? Cloudflare offers this for free you just need to turn it on in their Scrape Shield menu. I did that and now I am more protected. By default in that menu hiding sensitive email addresses was turned on and hiding specific content from disreputable visitors was also turned on. Yeah!

One of the things that made me curious about was its claims of enhanced security. This wasn’t just the standard firewall, it could also extend to the application level. What does this mean? I read many reviews on TrustPilot where users said that they rarely had a problem with comment/form spam which caused me to turn my comments off years ago. It was too time-consuming to deal with.

Now to me finding out these additional security things are built is very exciting. Yes, it is nerdy but trust me that every bit of security you can give a web service helps. They are constantly getting hammered by hackers. Good job Cloudflare and!

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