restored my site perfectly yesterday

rocketnet logo restored my site perfectly yesterday from a backup. It appears I wasn’t able to change the theme as easily as I thought.

Today I will create a staging site which is one click and try it out and then when it’s perfect bring it online. I haven’t used a staging site before for my site because in the past I bought themes and didn’t need it. Now I will need to test things before I bring them online since CSS is tricker than it seems.

One of the problems that I had yesterday that I didn’t realize had to do with the padding. It was causing a weird page color issue. Fortunately, I knew someone who was a genius with website design and she helped me figure it out.

No one can know everything no matter how much you may want to. At times you have to admit that you need help, and I realized that when what I was doing was making things worse. I had to stop and ask for help and then the issue was fixed and I learned an important lesson in how things work.

I also for the first time exported WordPress posts and then imported them. Well to be frankly honest I exported them, but the support team imported them. He asked for the file and did it himself. I guess I didn’t inspire him with confidence. I can’t blame him after messing up the theme.

It’s okay to make mistakes when you work especially at a site like this where I can test things out. Many times things I have tested on my site have fixed issues on corporate WordPress sites that I have managed. It’s a good feeling when you can use your experience.

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You don’t have to be a genius to have a WordPress website. Just find a partner who can help you learn and it is easier than you think.

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