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Switched theme to fix Google Search Console errors

I switched my theme to fix Google Search Console errors. It complained that I had pages and posts with breadcrumb issues, and switching the theme was the easiest way to fix it.

You can understand the importance of Breadcrumbs in this article.  If you don’t fix these errors, then your site is less likely to be visited from Google.

One solution I could have done is install a Breadcrumb plugin so that I wouldn’t have to change the theme. I don’t like adding plugins unless they are absolutely necessary. As you know, the more plugins you add the slower your site generally becomes. In addition, the theme I had didn’t have good support or updates so that is a risk in itself. It is better to use a theme that is as supported as possible.

The other issue with Breadcrumbs is this is a newer issue for websites. This only happened after 2015 because of changes in the schema. I understand the need to have logical and strict information, so it is a worthwhile change. Standardizing things helps everyone.

Of course the breadcrumbs issue normally requires someone who is more technical to fix it. Google has made a breadcrumbs checker so that you can add the URL and it will tell you where the problem is. It is called the Structured Data Testing Tool. You add your URL that Search Console said was a problem and it tells you exactly how to fix it.

On my site I was facing 22 issues and probably more and thats why I didn’t want to fix it manually. I will have to wait probably for another 24 hours to see if the new theme is going to solve the breadcrumbs issue, and then I will continue to work on it until it is solved.

Breadcrumbs issues are small, but they do affect how much traffic your site will see.

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