Stories from my Past: Some have it better, some have it worse

life goes on photo

life goes on photoIn life, it seems too often good people suffer and there isn’t a clear benefit or reason why. I had a friend feel sick so I went with her to the emergency room, and while waiting, it was full of people who were sick and in pain. You couldn’t help but feel sorrow for the difficulty in their life, and also hope for the care they were getting from a friend or relative.

Some have it better, some have it worse. There are always people who are better than you in some way and some who are worse off. What is humbling is that when you are around people who suffer, you can’t help but see the struggles in your own life from a better perspective. I know that I am so fortunate. This isn’t about me, but rather about all of us who have a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, and an income that allows us to get by. So many people don’t have this in the world and we are so fortunate to be in this position.

It has been my experience in life that having gratitude helps me to be happy in so many ways. At times I might feel jealous of the easy lifestyle that being rich affords, but then I remember the suffering I saw in their lives emotionally and mentally and don’t wish it. I have seen the happiest people be grateful for their life, and living in the now. What you hear as you experience life is that only in the present can we be happy, and certainly, it is true in the lives of people who have the most challenging lives.

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There is a depth of humanity in those who recognize and live their life not for things but for ideas and humanity. It has always seemed beautiful to me that the most meaningful lives have helped others. Not for the selfish ego, but because they are part of our human family.