Air quality is so important that what you don’t know will kill you

air quality comic

I didn’t realize air quality was so important until I researched to find the best air purifier for me and I must admit I am quite ignorant.

What I discovered is that the air pollution that NYC and other states experienced has no level of exposure that is safe. Let me be clear here. Any amount of 2.5pm matter has negative health effects. I didn’t know this.

Scientific studies show that this kind of air pollution causes injury and death worldwide. It can make your life 2 years shorter, and some countries like China have more than 3 times the annual maximum amount of pollution. This means that China has sold out its people’s health for a short-term manufacturing benefit. There is probably more cancer and other effects that they are hiding due to this poor decision.

To combat this I did some research and found an article in Nature that said that red grapes and other things can protect and heal the oxidative damage that occurs from these particles. Specifically, these particles can damage the alveoli (lungs) and reduce a person’s ability to breathe. That is where I am at risk here.

I spoke to my doctor about this and they suggested supplementation of the things that the article spoke about and an NMT treatment. I did the treatment and since then I am breathing easier. It is remarkable. I didn’t realize that these pollutants were so dangerous to me. If I had known this I would have gotten a HEPA filter sooner.

In life, you learn from your mistakes and I learned from mine. I spoke before about buying N100 masks and that is on my shopping list once I finish with the N95 ones I have. This kind of preparation might not be what you want to do, but it will increase your health while it slowly kills everyone else.

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