It’s ok to not have it all figured out

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It’s ok to not have it all figured out in life.

Changing life circumstances can make you feel uneasy when you don’t feel you have a direction in your life. I have read about many people who leave their jobs or get let go and they question their self-worth and life. We are more plants in life than anything else.

Growing up my grandmother was a florist and was very skilled at growing plants. She had a lot of plants in her house and enjoyed helping them grow. One day I saw her cutting the plants very aggressively and I thought that was a bad idea. Why cut a plant that is doing well and looks beautiful with long green stems? I asked her why she was cutting the plant because I was curious. Isn’t the purpose to make them grow? She said something that stunned me. She said that if she didn’t cut the plants they would not be stimulated to grow. She said that the stem was not healthy and that it needed to be removed or it might kill the plant. She said that when plants are regularly cut they grow in different directions and have stronger roots and are stronger plants.

I thought about this and remembered it recently when I had to cut the stem of the plant that I take care of. At first, I felt bad that I was cutting something that the plant had worked hard to grow, but then I remembered what she said. Since then the plant has grown to be more fully green and has been healthier and more beautiful.

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Isn’t it possible that in our lives, when a job stops or anything happens to us that we may not like it helps us to grow like a plant? It helps us to deepen our relationships with people who support us and opens new possibilities that we hadn’t considered before. Isn’t it also the truth that many times when people are let go due to financial issues from a company we are secretly glad about it? It is a chance to experience a new stage of our lives with new people and challenges. Yes of course there is always financial pressure to pay the bills, but more importantly, we are growing just like that plant.

If life is sometimes painful, it often is for our own benefit. When I look back the most painful experiences in my life helped me to have the compassion and strength to deal with challenges now. There is hope!