Laugh when life is ridiculous

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I laugh when life is ridiculous. Which is pretty often.

For example, I often get recruiters contacting me about jobs that have no bearing on anything I have said in my resume. I respond and tell them that I don’t have the skills. The job titles are so silly. Things I would never do, or even jobs that I have never heard of. Yesterday I had a recruiter post a job with a ton of qualifications and offer $18 an hour. I responded to the recruiter asking what in my resume would make him think I would take an entry-level job.

This post is not about recruiters. It is about looking at the situations that life presents us with and rather than becoming angry at the dysfunction in the world using humor to deal with it. Of course, we should fix the dysfunction, but we can’t be dragged into the drama that life presents us all the time. We just aren’t built that way to be triggered by things that should trigger us.

Another example. I have friends who have serious issues and I know that what I know could help them. However, I can’t help them until they ask me for advice. It is hard for many people to seek advice. They would rather waste time, and money and feel “independent” even if that means that they are unhappy and those around them are unhappy. To be perfectly frank, we all need advice, and those who say they don’t need it are the ones who need it the most.

Therefore given that people act in irrational ways and that the world is irrational, comedy is an attempt to make sense of the world. It shows the irrationality of life for what it is. A simple way to cope with a complex world. People love simplicity but life doesn’t always work that way. When life frustrates you and you feel you might go postal try to see the utter chaos and order you are trying to bring to life. Isn’t it funny?

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