Backup your cloud configuration or risk deletion

google not understood
google not understood
google not understood

Can we trust Google Cloud when they delete a companies account and all their backups?

I read this and was concerned.

From the article:

More than half a million UniSuper fund members went a week with no access to their superannuation accounts after a “one-of-a-kind” Google Cloud “misconfiguration” led to the financial services provider’s private cloud account being deleted, Google and UniSuper have revealed.

What this says to me is that all companies should take head and not trust that their cloud provider has a backup. I have worked with many companies who didn’t seem to care about their backup strategy. They just trusted that things were working and never did any test restores. I don’t understand this kind of trust and thinking. It could put the company out of business if it doesn’t work and you aren’t testing it?

No one cares about your buisness and livihood more than you. Protect it by making sure that your backups are working, and complete. If you don’t have 3 backups of your files, its time to get some help so this doesn’t happen to you.

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