N95 masks are not the most protective

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I like researching things and I discovered that N95 masks are not the most protective masks you can buy.

There are masks called N100 or P100. The P stands for the ability to resist oil and both of them filters 99.97 of particles. If you have breathing problems like me, this is probably what you want to use. I found two that I liked but since my air filter is coming today I will finish my supply of N95 masks and then buy this better thing.

It is remarkable isn’t it? There are all kinds of technology to protect our lungs from dangerous environments. I was amazed as I read about this mask and others and how much thought has been put into protecting workers in different hostile environments.

You might say to yourself, if you use a mask that prevents such small particles will I still be able to smell and enjoy life wearing it? Yes you will. The scents that go through are only a few atoms big at times and there is no problem smelling things and wearing a filter.

Is there a downside to these filters? I don’t think so. It is slightly more costly than the N95 masks, but what is the cost of being sick? To me I would pay any price to be healthy and don’t understand when people don’t value their health. When you are sick you can’t enjoy your life. What joy do you have having things and being sick? Its a foolish decision.

What is the upside? You will protect yourself from disease and the increasingly polluted air that we are breathing. Now it seems clear that I will need to start wearing a mask outdoors for the rest of my life. I can’t trust that clear air is a given. How sad that we don’t value a healthy environment.

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