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Block noise & sleep better with Red Noise

Red Noise Comic

If you suffer from noise during the day, or from problems going to sleep you may want to experiment with the colors of noise.

For the last week or so I have been falling asleep with pink noise. I did some research and red noise was mentioned in a scientific study as being preferred by people with Tinnitus. I don’t have that, but if science says that is better then I am game to try. The study said that they preferred white noise, but I don’t like white noise so red noise it is.

Red Noise Comic
red noise comic

Last night was the first time that I listened to red noise. My spouse suffers from Tinnitus and she has a watch that records many health variables during the night about how well she sleeps. Last night out of 100% she got a 95%. Normally she gets a 60-ish reading. Now I am not implying that the red noise is the cause of that, but it was the major factor that changed last night. This calculation is complex and has at least 5 variables, so I can’t definitively state it was the reason. A few more nights will show if it is better than pink noise.

However, what I can definitively state is that it blocks daytime noises very well. Today the lawn care people were outside and the machines were very loud. Normally I try to use music to drown them out, but that is time-consuming and often ineffective. With headphones, it helps but music doesn’t block the noise. On a whim, I tried the red noise that I listened to last night and it is working great. I really like this red noise from youtube. It is the same red noise that was used last night.

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Now because I am curious I listened to other samples of other types of noise. I tried another red noise and immediately my ears started to unpleasantly ring when I listened to it. As soon as I stopped the ringing went away. I tried other types of noise but I liked the red noise the best for now. Red noise is also called brown noise so you might see it referenced as that from other sources. I don’t like blue noise. That is for sure. To me, the red noise sounds like a distant waterfall which is kind of nice.

The sound is coming over a cheap Bluetooth speaker so it doesn’t need to be expensive to use. It seems to effectively block street noise which never bothered me in the past, but also doesn’t need to be heard. Interestingly, this kind of noise can have positive effects on people, isn’t it?