Air filter to protect you from poor air quality

alen air comic

I shared earlier how this NYC air problem would be a problem for me. I researched and just bought an Air Filter and I think other people could benefit from knowing this.

First I am not getting a benefit from sharing this. I only share things that I believe in. The product is called Alen BreatheSmart 75i True HEPA Air Purifier.  It is recommended by Consumer Reports and has great reviews. I also compared it to its competition and it seems more reliable and better customer service as well.

What I like about this is it filters down to .1 micron and that is smaller than the current particulates that are causing breathing problems for many people. I have been wearing an N95 mask but the air quality is still giving me headaches/stomachache and irritating my eyes. Its not fun to be a sensitive person sometimes.

It costs about $810 out the door, and you shouldn’t even blink about this number. What is more helpful than investing in your own health and well being? This isn’t even the most expensive one that I could find, but I think it is the best balance between a lifetime warranty and ease of use for the average person.

I am not trying to sell this model, but just share that you should buy the best air filter you can afford. No doubt there will be future forest fires, and since we are committed to ruining the planet we might as well spend money to keep ourselves alive so we can watch it all burn.

What are we doing to ourselves?

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