WP LinkedIn Auto Publish works great

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I had been using Blog2Social but having to reauthenticate every 2 months was annoying, and I am not paying their fee for a product that doesn’t work.

Now you could argue that this is LinkedIn’s fault, which it is, but if you are paying a third-party developer to make something easier and they don’t, you have to evaluate if you want to continue paying that or not.

Today is unusual in that this is the third post that I am writing. Normally I only write one post a day but I have a lot to say today. Most importantly I am investigating how AI might help people and I am sharing what I discover. It is fascinating.

In the last post, I talked about how an AI search plugin was so much more effective. I do not like chatbots, but I mentioned in that article a nice plugin that could create content, chatbots, and even images. I don’t need fake images so I don’t really want to explore that.

The world doesn’t need more artificial it needs more authentic. It needs people who are engaged, interested in their jobs and life, and want to help others. I can see from the tone of the AI articles that many articles I have tried to read have been AI-generated. I dislike AI-generated content, and would not foster that on my readers. I promise you will get only the most conflicted, biased, and logically questionable content here.

That was a joke. I try not to be that way and flag when I think I may be going off the deep end. You have to watch what is going on inside of you to produce things that are valuable. I don’t want to write to an echo chamber which seems the internet is becoming more often.

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