Comparing WordPress Search Plugins: Algolia vs Relevanssi

ai taking over comic

AI is clearly superior in some aspects. Anyone who tells you differently is ignorant or lying.

I wrote the first version of this post using a plugin called AI Engine for Meow Apps. While it did the job I didn’t like that it was cold and impersonal and I think that in the future emotion is what is going to differentiate AI and human responses.

The title mentions two products that you probably don’t know about. Relevanssi used to be the plugin I used to increase the usefulness of the default WordPress Search ability. It was far better than the default, but today I found something even better called Algolia and it is powered by AI.

I installed it here and the search results it found were amazing. In my opinion, it works even better than Google at finding matching content. I can sometimes misspell things and it still found them. This was incredible. Instead of discouraging people to do searches on your website, it encourages them and shows your content even better. It even shows a little icon of the photo that was part of the story. It’s a nice graphic touch.

Meow Apps is something that I am finding increasingly useful. It is a collection of WordPress utilities that on the surface sounds silly but has helped me a great deal. I also use the Database Cleaner which has worked perfectly for me to keep my WordPress database tidy and is very safe. No, I am not getting any paid endorsement, I just find it useful.

Setting up Algolia took me about 15 minutes. You don’t need to be an IT person just be able to read and follow instructions. I think they have done a good job of making it easy to set up. If you do feel stuck, any IT person can help you get unstuck very easily.

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Don’t underestimate AI. It is maturing faster than you think. I could have used the story it generated but it isn’t my style.