Stories from my Past: Goldens on the loose

two goldens photo

I once lived in a house that had a big backyard. I had two Golden Retrievers who were high-energy and loved to go for walks. One day I left some wide boards next to the fence for them to walk up and down while I went to work. I was worried that they might get out, but I thought I was just being overprotective. When I got home they were safe and sound in the back yard and I felt relieved. I moved the boards away from the fence just in case they had ideas to try to use them to climb out.

two goldens photoSo we go walking on our daily walk and one of the neighbors tells me that the dogs escaped today and were running around the neighborhood. She said that she got in her car and picked them up and put them in the backyard. They must have loved running around all day. I did wonder why they seemed so tired that day. I thanked the neighbor and offered to pay her for her gas/time to round them up. I am sure that I would be paying more if the dog catcher had gotten them.

Sometimes dogs are smarter than you think and neighbors are nicer than you expect.

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