Recruiters your emails are going to my spam folder

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Hey, recruiters did you know that your emails are going to my spam folder?

No, I didn’t set up any additional rules, or add any software. I am using Outlook with no plugins but what you are writing is being identified as spam and I thought you would want to know.

If I had to guess why it’s going there it’s probably because the length of the email triggers a filter in the email provider. However, I have recruiters send emails to work email addresses as that triggers spam filtering as well. I get recruiters I have never talked with before sending huge emails that have way too much information and it’s hard to see the important stats about a job. WFH or not, salary, duties/hours.

Now there are other reasons that your emails are going to spam. Many of you will send the same email twice at the same time. Others send the exact same email an hour or a day later. I get emails that request highly sensitive information like SSN and DOB and no way I am going to respond to that. Why would I give a stranger that information?

I also think that emails are going to spam because these recruiters probably have a history of spamming, and are on a blacklist for known spammers. They are probably using cheap and questionable remailing services, which further makes me ignore them. I must admit that if your email goes to spam I just delete it. I trust that the system knows something about you that is not obvious to me.

Increasingly the past year recruiters’ emails have ended up in spam. I am not saying this to help recruiters, but rather to warn you that as I have said before, people hate recruiters who do this. Every time that an email goes into spam I am less likely to read non-spam emails from recruiters because they may look the same and I know that the system to identify spammers is not perfect. The probable loss of time and money to respond to a recruiter you don’t know is just frankly not worth it.

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