First-time Affiliate reached out to me

caveman comic

Yesterday was the first time an Affiliate reached out to me. They had an offer I couldn’t refuse.

They suggested that they could give me a key to their latest software and I would review it. That sounds fair. I have used and believe in their software which is why I reached out to them in the first place. I couldn’t afford to buy their software so this helps.

This is the kind of partnership that really can make a difference for affiliates. If we love and have supported the brand in the past we want it to do well. People naturally will be a cheerleader for something they have gotten value from.

I signed up and now I am awaiting their decision. There is always a lot of drama in this affiliate partnership thing. Companies want to feel that they control everything, so everything has dense legal agreements and is “subject to approval” in all communications. If that’s what they need to help them sleep better at night great.

Advertisers are really interesting creatures. They think that influencers don’t have power and that we won’t use our influence against them when they treat people poorly. I have seen many influencers toss brands aside when they get shady, and I know that I/others will never buy from that brand again. Influencers are silently becoming more important than social media, and I’m not sure that is a helpful thing.

Yet what choice has the media given us? We learned that big media can’t be trusted. We saw that people in authority can’t be trusted. So who can be trusted? People that you know that you have seen act in ethical ways. People who are the underdog, and who despite the economic ease of lying do things their way. I like that people label YouTube videos with Promotional it lets me skip them from the start. All media should say if it is promotional and if it is, then we can choose what to do with that biased information.

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