Affiliate marketing companies wanted everything

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I got an email today from one of the affiliates that I considered working with. I had never heard of them before but they came up when I searched brands I use and believe in. This is their email:

In order for your application to be assessed, we require the following information regarding your current affiliate business:

- the markets you are currently targeting (i.e. local, international, etc.)

- details regarding the specific products and services you wish to promote via our affiliate network

- where will the affiliate traffic be generated from and the methods currently employed in order to generate the leads

- confirmation of domain ownership by replying from an email address belonging to

In order to minimize the review time, please provide as much detail as possible regarding all the points mentioned above.

We're looking forward to receiving your feedback in the matter.

Now I don’t have my email configured in my domain. I did have it configured when I tested Azure and Google, but I don’t use it as part of my email. I prefer a private email that won’t get spammed. It is not worth it to me to configure email service to work with a company to possibly not get paid by the affiliate company. So much deception here.

If you have a referral code and you bring a customer that makes a sale, what is the problem? Why would you need to prove your business plan that you can bring customers to their door? If they don’t think you have enough traffic to be worth their time that is fine. However, if they burn that bridge then when they do have traffic they won’t choose you.

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All of these companies I have applied for have been so fickle and high maintenance. Why are they making this so difficult? I had to prove my site was real by verifying my domain and they want to verify it a second time with my email. I don’t think so, mister.