Yes Recruiters this is how you do it

stress comic

I just had a call that surprised and delighted me. It was a recruiter!

Why was I delighted? She informed me that one of her coworkers was no longer with the company but she was taking over the cases. She then let me know that the hiring manager was unresponsive and that as far as they knew, I was still in the running. I didn’t honestly remember the job and was thrilled that someone kept their promise. Thrilled!

When people do well, I acknowledge that and thank them. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get the job. There are plenty of talented people out there. The fact is that she took 3 minutes to let me know and that meant all the world to me. I felt respected and heard.

Now I didn’t know who was calling me and I took a chance and answered the call. I am glad that I did. It didn’t list a company name and I didn’t recognize the number. I have friends who say that they won’t answer a call they don’t recognize. That’s fair. Most calls from unknown numbers are spam.

I remembered the name of her recruiting company from that call, and in the future, if they email me I will respond and pay attention for sure. They have shown that they care about keeping their promises. Good for them!

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