Recruiters please don’t text

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Recruiters, please don’t text.

Why? All kinds of scams come through text. I don’t believe or do business with anyone I can’t see, meet or verify. It’s just not worth the time.

I had a recruiter text me this morning who I didn’t have a relationship with, and who I didn’t know from Adam. Why would I respond to that? There isn’t a good reason to waste time and possibly interact with a scammer.

Now if I knew you, or if I was expecting your text, or if I asked for your text that is another matter. However, texting can cost some plans money and you don’t cost your candidate money until they think you are worth it.

I worked with one black woman who had a very basic phone plan and her texts cost money. You can’t assume that everyone has an unlimited text plan. Minorities might save money with cheaper plans. This is an arrogant thing to assume that everyone is like you.

Recruiters it is arrogant to call someone you don’t know as well. Do a LinkedIn mail message or email, and then if they want to talk you can. You have to see people where they are and not what is easiest for you. Many times recruiters have called me at a bad time and it doesn’t help me have a positive experience or impression with them. Treat your candidate’s time as valuable and they will better respond to you.

Also, not everyone likes texts. I don’t like texts and avoid them. I am not alone in this. Many people don’t want to respond on a small keyboard/screen. I only respond to texts from two people and they know that is an emergency. The likelihood of me responding to a random text is zero.

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Being empathic when you are getting to know someone is a better way than just assuming everyone is like yourself.