A mistake was made but we aren’t going to correct it.

dave blazek comic

I was told that once at a company and it thoroughly demoralized me.

What happened? I had worked on a project for a long time and did some hard work above and beyond the call of duty. I helped someone and he was doing something similar and I explained what I had done so that we didn’t waste time doing the same work. The next thing I know it comes out in the company information that he was getting congratulated by the board for the good work he did. I went to my manager and said that this was a mistake and that I did that work and that needed to be corrected. He said, “A mistake was made but we aren’t going to correct it.” I knew then, then my time there was limited.

If someone works hard to make a good impression so that they can be shown to be trusted with more responsibility and they aren’t acknowledged, you might as well sign their last paycheck then. They have decided they are done with you.

Not acknowledging someone who goes above and beyond you is very common in the companies I have worked in. I have had managers say that I have done more than is expected, but when it was time for a pay raise they “didn’t have it in the budget.” Well, that is a game that you can’t play with talented people. There are plenty of companies who have the budget to pay them and are glad to have them on the team.

I am not angry at that company. I found a better one and it led to an even better situation than if I had stayed. The point here is that you, must support people when they work to make your company succeed. A relationship is two-way, and if an employee feels they are getting used, they won’t stick around.

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