I remember recruiters who are kind

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I remember recruiters who are kind, and I bet I am not alone.

Yesterday a recruiter called me to say that the company choose another person and put the position temporarily on hold. I consider that a win twice. I won not getting a job from a disorganized company, and I won not having to wait to find out if I really did have a job.

Another recruiter contacted me and when I responded I don’t have the skills for this job he thanked me and said sorry. I can’t remember the last time a recruiter said sorry. I was stunned for a moment. Every day I have recruiters waste my time sending me jobs that I have no qualifications for. It’s like they don’t even know who I am at all. I always respond and say “I don’t have these skills.” I state to every recruiter what I am looking for and 99% of the time I never hear a peep from them.

Writing this right now I had a recruiter pop into my email with a job that I wasn’t qualified for. I get that recruiters can’t tell the degree of knowledge you know. However, if my resume/Linkedin Profile doesn’t even have the keywords why bother?

I thank recruiters who are kind and send them an email thanking them for their kindness. It is always nice when people make an effort to treat you with respect and that takes time and I appreciate that. I think just like big business, people will find that they won’t want to work with recruiters and some people who work in IT don’t. They only apply to what companies interest them and auto-delete everyone else. I like to see what is possible and then make my decisions.

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If you are kind as a recruiter it may feel like you are wasting your time/effort. You will be the first that we reach out to when we want to take the next step in our career.