9 months after getting the Res-Q solar generator update

kilovault 1500 watt solar generator photo

I have had the Res-Q for 9 months and I wanted to share my update after using it. I love it.

There has only been one minor problem and that may have been my fault. Once after having the old solar panel in the rain by accident, I brought the panel in and the display showed an error. I can’t remember what it was now but it clearly wasn’t right. I disconnected the old solar panel from the back of the Res-Q and turned it back off and on and it was ok again.

If I had to guess I would say that the rain might have shorted something out in the old solar panel. However, the old solar panel continues to work great even after getting wet multiple times. I am not trying to get the panel wet, but at times I am unable to bring it out of the rain due to being in meetings or unavailable when it starts to rain.

I have written other articles that talk about alternatives to the Res-Q that look interesting.  I don’t like the Bluetti even though it has great reviews. Based on the experience of some reviewers I don’t think it has the long-term durability/reliability that I am looking for.

As I said before the only downside of this unit is the weight/price. I must admit that the Anker PowerStation II 800 is tempting at 770 Watts and a much smaller and lighter form factor. At 18 lbs it is an amazing unit however the other downside is that it goes to 500 W and doesn’t have the expandability this does. However, if you are just looking for a reliable unit this would be my suggestion if you don’t want to pay almost $1500 for the Res-Q. For the price of this, you could get two of them and have more reliability.

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Due to the weight, I am concerned about how repairs will be done if there is a problem in the future. However, since this is the cost of what I used to pay for a good laptop, it’s not a killer concern for me or gives me anxiety. If I can get another two years of use of out if I will feel it has paid for itself. Theoretically, as I said in my earlier review it could last for 10 years so most likely I will get a newer device before this wears out. Perhaps a friend will want it?

My experience with Anker products has been poor. I have used both their smaller battery chargers and a variety of other products.

The Res-Q is my third solar generator. It is my favorite and makes the other two seem like toys. You really give up too much when you buy a cheap solar generator. I have looked at more expensive solar generators but the weight is the biggest issue. I’m not crazy about the cost either. Since I live in an apartment, I need to be able to take this if I need to move. If I had a home I would have a fully decked-out solar system but something like this would still be a part of it. Even when the main system goes down you have to have a backup.

Another option is this LightHarvester. I have not gotten much info about it but it seems like it could be another good option. For about $1600 you get 2.4kw of power with a 2-year warranty. This is another compelling choice as well.

Making power and knowing that I am helping the earth by reducing my carbon footprint has been a great feeling. We may not be able to make huge changes in the world, but having a solar generator is something we can do and it does matter.

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