SEO is important – Slim SEO is currently my favorite

seo comic

SEO is important if you want people to read what you write/make money to pay the bills. Slim SEO is currently my favorite.

seo comicWhy? I have tried many of the most popular SEO plugins. Yoast, Rank Math, and many others. I found them overly complex, too commercial, and frankly not worth it.

SEO is a confusing and ever-changing topic. Google updates things when it finds that people are gaming the system with poor content. That means that SEO often is the cause of SEO ranking issues.

Lots of advice is given but rarely do you find out the best way without experimentation. For example, I just learned that Google rewrites 70% of meta descriptions. To me, that means not to bother writing meta descriptions. It also means that I should do my best to make the first sentence a summary or description of what the information is about. Different ideas and ways to handle this issue.

Now why did I say I like Slim SEO? I like things that are simple and tend to not confuse people. Slim by default has all its features turned on. This was great for me. I only had to turn off the XML sitemap feature since I already have a great Sitemap plugin. The rest was automatically configured. This means that the average Joe who doesn’t want to spend months learning about SEO can start ranking better.

Now what do I have against the other plugins I mentioned above? Certainly having added choices is a good thing. Perhaps. First I should state that Yoast uses a lot of resources as shown by the plugin Query Monitor. If your site slows down more than a second or even longer, the SEO advantage is nullified. Second, you can become overwhelmed by the choice that it feels too much to configure. When I tried Rank Math they reached out to ask if they could help, but that plugin had other issues. I didn’t like how the first link on the dashboard was an upsell for more functionality. Give us a chance to use the software before you try to squeeze money out of us. I also didn’t like how it took over when it was installed. Plus they did not tell the entire truth about how their plugin functions, so they broke my trust.

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When I installed Slim SEO it just worked. I didn’t have to futz with settings or look over tons of badly designed UI. I tried other SEO plugins that installed other plugins without my permission. You don’t get to install the plugins you want. I decide what plugins I use, and if you do that as a plugin author I won’t be using or recommending your product to my clients.

I have been using Slim for several days and no conflicts or other problems. I love it and the ratings show others love it too. Give it a chance and you might love it.