XML sitemaps are critical for websites

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Yes I know I probably won’t have many views on this article, but if you run a WordPress or any site you need to use an XML plugin.

The link above talks about the current plugins I am using and it shows I am using Sitemap by BestWebSoft. I think it is the best XML plugin I have tried and I tried all of the major ones. I didn’t like how complex and how they tried to have too many functions that I didn’t need. To me, this was the simplest to configure and I got great results from it. No, I am not getting any benefit from sharing this.

It was pretty intuitive to use. However, if you don’t feel comfortable they had great support with a youtube video that talked about the settings if you googled it. It cost about $24 per year or they offered a $210-lifetime license for the pro version.

I didn’t need the pro version. The free version worked fine for me. It was incredible. I spent about 10 minutes playing with the settings and looking at the sitemap.xml file and then when it was what I wanted I submitted it in the Google Search Console. It also had an easy checkmark to automatically add itself to the robots.txt file. It really was a pleasure to use.

Is there a downside? Not really. I like how it automatically adds new posts that you write to it and I like how it was easily accepted by Google. If you use it I am sure you will love it too. Taking care of the sitemap with this tool is a set-it-and-forget-it kind of situation. That is the kind of tool that I love to use in WordPress.

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