Posts are now excerpts – LinkedIn has 3000 character limit

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My last post was cut off. Apparently, I had exceeded my character limit.

What this means is that the content on LinkedIn always has to be superficial because you don’t have space to share important details. This is interesting. Google wants long-form content, and LinkedIn wants short-form content. I think a lot of people will write short-form content, use AI to make it long-form, and then walk away with the money. Easy right?

I spoke to a marketing friend who said that this is normal and expected to go to a website when an article is longer. I certainly like the better formatting available on a webpage than with LinkedIn. Social media seems to be increasing the limits of what content can be available. I wonder if this is a financial one or a practical one. I think it is probably the fact that more people can write something short, but fail at writing something more complete.

If my old English teacher could read me now. She would say that I am returning to my roots in being overly complete. I should have told her years ago, that’s what future SEO wants baby!

I resisted doing excerpts in the past. They always felt like a cheap come-on for another site. I wanted to make it convenient for the reader. Except for what I learned today rather than cutting the article in two and publishing the second half, LinkedIn choose to just ignore it. Not a graceful way to fail in my humble opinion.

Why would you want a longer piece of content on LinkedIn? Let’s say that you have something that will be popular but has no commercial value for you. Let Microsoft pay for the hosting of the content with LinkedIn. Only have referrals to your website when it is something you profit from. Since some web hosting companies pay for bandwidth this might be important when you get more traffic.

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However, even then, the plan I am on is 50 GB and I haven’t even used 10 GB this entire month. Between optimizing my images and website, I am doing really well at being efficient. You can use resources efficiently if you take the time to learn a few things that I have shared.