LinkedIn Premium members got a touch of AI yesterday

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I was asked yesterday by LinkedIn at the top of my profile if I wanted to try AI. I said yes.

It suggested a new title underneath my name which I accepted. It never hurts to try new things. The second suggestion was to make the summary copy worse. I declined that suggestion. That was it.

Not a big thing but interesting that MS is all in on AI. I tried redoing my resume before with ChatGPT but it came out worse. I shared that with my resume writing company that it was a waste of time. It was something that I might have written and not shown the unique insights of being a full-time resume writer.

I wrote earlier that I stopped using ChatGPT.  I even wrote a poem about ChatGPT and a famous character. It is interesting to talk about but not ready for prime time. Perhaps MS Copilot will change that. It is coming in the Fall for users who have Windows 11.

Generally having LinkedIn Premium is worth it to watch the training videos and that is the only reason that I got it. There are other small benefits which aren’t worth it in my opinion. I used to pay for another online training service but don’t do that anymore. I bet that soon AI training will be available which will assess your strengths and then fill in any gaps that you don’t have. With the ability to create tests, it might put the test prep business out of business.

So many use cases for AI. I wonder if the next step is having your own AI service that you can control and set to use your preferences. Then things you used to manually do will become automated with its help. This could be a big time saver and also lead to increased boredom. I think people like the drudgery sometimes of life, even when they complain about it.

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Maybe AI won’t save us from drudgery, just add another layer like computers did.