The Cat in the Hat does GPTChat

cat in hat comic

‘what is this thing’ said the cat in the hat,

‘it says it is gptchat’

‘hello’ he types and it responds back,

‘hello stranger’ and the cat takes off his pack.

the cat looks around but no Sally is found.

no thing one or thing two and he doesn’t know what to do.

‘this is not like a rake i can push to and fro’,

‘this is not like a toy or a thing one or thing two show’.

‘i have never seen anything quite like this’ he says out loud,

‘what can this do for me and my proud?’

sally appears and laughs at the cat,

‘you silly thing you don’t know what its at’.

‘this is technology and my mommy and dad’,

‘said one day it will make everyone sad’.

the cat in the hat took off his hat and got new gloves,

he was not going to touch this thing without love.

back and forth he typed up a storm,

until the keys became hot and then red and then warm.

he redid his resume, he got a new job, he pretended he was a friend with his cousin bob.

‘i like this a lot’ he said to dear Sally,

‘i am going to make this computer my new pally’.

sally said ‘no this computer is mine but I will give you my old one i haven’t used in some time.’

the cat in the hat was pleased as could be and with his old laptop climbed up in a tree.

that’s where you see him to this very day writing his poems and chatting away.

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‘who needs to play with toys and paint and fish?’

‘when I can do everything in this little dish’?