Stories from my Past: I feel like I am always thanking you.

complaints line comic

I once worked with a coworker who was a hard worker and always open to learning. So I helped them learn more each time they had a question or project.

They were very grateful for my help. I once told them privately that I let our manager know how often they stay after work and asked if that could be recognized. The manager explained it was noticed, and that flexibility in the schedule was given because of that.

So when I told that person I was helping they said “I feel like I am always thanking you. You help me so often figure things out.” It was a nice feeling knowing that the things that I did helped make things easier for everyone.

complaints line comic
complaints line comic

It is a great experience to help those who are grateful. Often I have worked for people who were demanding, and arrogant, and made it very difficult to help them. It was often demotivating to experience those things, and I felt a great deal of stress in helping them. I am glad that I no longer am in that situation.

Yet while I was in that situation it was normal for me and I accepted it. I think that once you start to justify disrespectful treatment at work, it comes at too high a price. Now I will never again work at a place where a person is not treated with the respect that is everyones right.

In life, you have to set limits on what you will accept from others. If you do not define your boundaries of acceptable behavior, others will abuse you. Unfortunately, many people have not found respect to be valuable to them, and they suffer because of it.

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Of course, we know that respect opens doors, makes everyone feel good, and is just the kind thing to do. Thank people and you will feel better about everything.