Doing things the hard way

'You just GOTTA do things the hard way, don't ya.'

I don’t know why, but I seem to prefer doing things the hard way in my life.

'You just GOTTA do things the hard way, don't ya.'
‘You just GOTTA do things the hard way, don’t ya.’

When I choose a job and I have to choose between multiple opportunities, I choose the one where I will learn the most. When I have a choice of relationships, I seem to choose the person who has the most issues. When I have to do a project at work, I want to do it the right way, so sometimes I am told I overdo the research and options for it.

This is not an attempt to brag. I think it is part of making peace with the perfectionistic nature of the past. Many people think they have to not make a mistake, but I have realized you can do excellent work that isn’t perfect and that is fine.

Making this perfect costs too much and takes too much time for companies. They don’t want to pay for that. I have given bosses options of the quick and dirty solution, or the complete long-term solution that would do 100% and more of the requirements. They always choose the cheaper and less perfect option. Mostly because they say they are concerned about the short term, not the long term.

I think what makes this hard for people is that short-term thinking seems to get us into trouble in our society. Our business run on short-term profits, and they forget and suppress the long-term damage they are doing. What I am seeing is that increasingly people are tired of companies being short-term and willing to pay for ethical companies that treat people honestly.

It is not easy doing the right thing in life. It is not easy to consider the totality of things and make the decision that is best for everyone, and not just ourselves. I think we see however the consequences of that short-term thinking. The death, violence, and destruction are all because someone chooses speed over health, growth, and sustainability.

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If you are doing things the hard way, ask yourself who benefits. If the answer is everyone, you are on the right track.