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Why is social-distancing so hard for some people?

It is really hard for me to understand why social-distancing is so hard for some people. When peoples lives on are on the line, what could be more important?

I watched an interview where one woman said that she wanted to go to the hairdresser and resume a normal life. I can’t understand this thinking. What use is perfect hair when you or others might die? It is interesting isn’t it? Conservatives view the world as threatening, but many conservatives are the ones who are protesting social-distancing. We know this because they are wearing MAGA clothing. Why are immigrants more threatening than Covid-19?

It is never more clear racism when people seek to exclude those who are different from them. I don’t understand this kind of thinking. The US was built on immigrants and now they are a threat to this country? How? How is someone seeking refuge from dangerous governments more dangerous than a white guy who can buy a semi-automatic AR-15? How is an immigrant more dangerous than someone who can spread Covid-19 by ignoring the state governor’s order to social-distance?

The Russians were shown by US intelligence agencies to provoke dissent in the US by making social media posts that were trolling. The danger is not in immigrants taking our jobs. What jobs are available when Covid-19 is here anyway? The danger is when US citizens are so polarized like we are now that we can’t even listen to legitimate requests to protect our own safety.

In the 50’s Polio was an infectious disease that people were asked to socially-distance and they did. In time Polio was no longer a public health issue. Why can’t we cooperate now like we did back then? Diseases don’t care about ideology. They don’t care about anything other than existing. As adults we should see that cooperating is in everyones best interest. Why aren’t we cooperating and staying home and letting science win?

I think that our individualism has gone too far. When our individual actions seek to destroy the health of the community, something is wrong. We don’t always realize that we are killing others by not staying home. Stay home!

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