Why I stopped using Chatgpt

chatgpt1 comic

I tried ChatGPT but then became less excited the more I used it. Here are my reasons why.

  1. It isn’t creative. I like creative things and it has less than zero creativity. Everything it produced was expected and frankly insulting. It offered something less than bad Wikipedia writing.
  2. It isn’t consistent. In the writing itself, its tone changed from formal to not formal and back again without any reason. Reading it gives your mind whiplash from the non-transitions.
  3. It isn’t fun. Even when I asked it to be funny, its humor was predictable and not clever or funny at all. Comedians are not at risk with this.
  4. It is boring. Sure you can ask it questions but you already know most of what it tells you. It is less useful than a voice recording. Even an average person can do a better job expressing themselves.
  5. It pretends to be authoritative. I question everything. I especially question what a machine wants to tell me. You can’t tell me that you can avoid bias and unconscious preferences by its programmer. You are just substituting obvious ignorance for indirect ignorance.

As Tina Turner said, “We don’t need another zero.” Chatgtp adds zero to the conversation.

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