Make peace with your brain

Sg1 Daniel Meridian

Our brain can help us or hurt us each day. This week my brain has helped me more.

Until I had an NMT treatment on Monday I would sometimes have thoughts of my past where things didn’t go in the way that I would have preferred. I did not regret so much as frustrated that I wasn’t better able to handle those challenging situations.

Sg1 Daniel Meridian
sg1 daniel meridian

There is a part of SG1 where Daniel is dying and he has a visit from a superior ascended being (angel in Christianity). She tells him that he accomplished impossible things and that in the great universe, some things were impossible to accomplish so he shouldn’t feel bad for trying. That scene made me cry because if there is a meaning to the universe, perhaps failing is the point even when we fail we help others make progress towards the goal. I don’t know if there is an afterlife, but if there is, all of this will make sense. If there isn’t, then it is enough to know that we did our best to improve the world.

If you are fighting your brain and the world you face a war on two fronts. That isn’t strategic, is it? I have seen people I have worked with closely every day for years fight an internal war and they are too proud to ask for help. I was not too proud to ask for help in the past. We need help so that we can identify our blind spots make peace and accept them.

There is an answer to anything that is causing you discomfort. You just need to decide to address the issue.

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