Beauty is all around us

"beauty Comes From Within."

One of the advantages of being an HSP is that it is easy to see that beauty is all around us.

Anyone can see beauty with their eyes. That is the poorest form of beauty because it changes and becomes less with time. The other kind of beauty that people miss is the beauty that the soul appreciates. Soulful music, mystical experiences, seeing the rhythms in life, and the ability to perceive the unusual.

"beauty Comes From Within."
“Beauty comes from within.”

This is the gift that we have. I wrote earlier today about underrated jazz albums but all of this website has tried to share what I found beautiful and true in life. Everywhere in life, I see beauty even when it isn’t always obvious. I am not special. Anyone open to life can see this beauty. One of the saddest things that happen with addictions to smartphones/technology is that people close themselves off to the deeper things in life. Technology is great, but it is no substitute for what matters.

Why am I sharing this? It is easy. Each day I feel grateful to be alive and enjoy the wonderful things in this world. Having a job/money makes no difference in my happiness. I have been very happy without a job and money, and money comes and goes in life. We get so bent up out of shape about money that we fail to enjoy life, which is the point of living, isn’t it?

I know from first-hand experience that rich people may have more pleasures, but they are less happy than poor. The happiest in my life was when I was poor because my pleasures were free and based on my relationships with others. There was no subtext that the rich have to worry if people love them for themselves or their money when they are poor. Money doesn’t solve problems past a certain point of survival. It only complicates it, and sets you on a treadmill that you will never be satisfied on.

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Right now I have more than I ever had in my life. I have a relationship with someone who loves me, and I am happy. What do we really need beyond love? A big house with more problems? A job that keeps you away from the people you love? Climbing up the ladder of success at work for what? To feel empty and pain inside? Your brain can only give you so much satisfaction and your heart and soul will demand attention as well.

Feeding your soul is free, and more satisfying than feeding your mind and heart. Trust me on this.